Time to Time to Time to…

Well now. How long must I wait to communicate…How long to wait to mix and mingle with no mask and no fear of being near someone or them being in my house or being at another’s house or in a car or any enclosed space. How long till we trust each other again and want to be in each other’s company. Looks like shots are not the solution. Trust is I hope. Trust and surrender…having the courage to live and surrender fear. Yep, it is time to…at least for me. First, I am going to step up and express my opinion. I am using my space here to do so. All are welcome here and if you do not care for what I have to share, well I wish you the best and you do not have to visit.

Keep what works for you, what you find inspiring and warms your heart. Let the rest go. We agree to disagree.

I recognize it is not possible to please everyone and that it is possible to please myself. That’s what I will be doing.


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