Wow. How to Deal with Fear

Wow. How do I deal with fear?

Fear is being foisted or rather forced upon us all at this time

Fear is dumped on us like trash = I feel drenched with it and yet…

I remember myself and

I breathe

I breathe in the air that brings life and oxygen into my body

And I exhale with the carbon dioxide all that is not mine

I exhale with a deep sigh all the fears, doubts and worries inside me for transmutation

I remember some words from Clarissa Pinkola Estes that

“We were built for these times”

I know this is true throughout my being and in the core of my soul.

We were built for these times

And I breathe again in this truth

And I exhale all that does not serve

I remember myself in my body

My feet remind me I am connected to the Earth – our Mother

I ground myself to the Center of the Earth

I reach up and connect with the Divine

I Center in my Heart

Trusting myself

Trusting life

I surrender all that was before and

I open to this moment now – free of fear full of Love and Light.

12/3/20 Blessings, Elizabeth

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