Moving Forward into the Unknown and Stuff

As we move forward, I recognize my way of being is changing.  All of the mental constructs I made to deal and survive the world of humans – that was all I knew or, shall I say, all that I was expected to learn.

All of the mental is crumbling and has even for awhile.  So much no longer serves that I ask:

“What is useful to me – in this moment – NOW?”

“What is useful when there is a trigger that alarms me, that screams fear or anger or doubt, worry or confusion?”

The practice true for me now is to move into my heart…and return to my heart…over and over and over again.

i am responsible for my own spiritual practice and accountable only to myself and my relationship with the Earth and the Divine.

There is no judgment, no rule, no expectation.  I am that I am in each moment.

I am as I am in each moment.

I accept and trust and love myself as I am in each moment.

It is in this way that I am practicing. Being.  Just being.  Open.  Alert.  With respect and kindness for myself and others as I am.  (which is not always great…but there you go.  I trust and observe what is.)


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