Inspired – After a Beautiful Meditation at the Findhorn Foundation

Two weeks ago here at Findhorn Foundation, we had an internal conference for coworkers to join together as one.  One morning, as we gathered together, there was a guided meditation for us to go deep into our reasons for being at the Foundation and to go deeper still into what wanted to come forth from the transformational field here.  We were asked to go into the space where creation begins.  It was cool.  The following words came through me after…Blessings to us all.


Before we speak to each other

with each other

for each other

in circle

Let us take the time to connect

To breathe in the moment

To become present

in our bodies

in the space and place in which we find ourselves.

Let us move our energy into our hearts

and rest in this Love – this powerful fire that nourishes our whole being.

Let us rest in this Love that is Life and

Let us go deeper

Let us go deeper

and deeper still

Beyond words

Shedding concept



Releasing and surrendering ALL that has come before this moment now.

Let us go deeper

To rest for a time

Into the unknown – where Love and Light are born, live and die

Let us rest for a time together in the unknown

To listen

Without words




Here we are together and

When we emerge

Let us speak from our hearts

26/2/20 Blessings, Elizabeth

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