Words of Assistance

With all of the moves that I have made in the past 10 years, the books that I have collected have come with me.

Lately, they are a powerful source of inspiration.  A book or its title will catch my eye and when I consciously act on the prompt to pick up that tome, I do so and am in awe and amazed each time at the page and paragraph I turn to.

When I allow, the “invisible” makes sure that I have what is needed in each and every moment.  With a book, the author speaks direct to me and to my heart.

There is a heart resonance and gratitude along with the awe and amazement.  For example, this morning Joseph Weed’s Wisdom of the Mystic Masters from 50 years ago – 1968 – is a rich fecund source of inspiration.  Here we go, from page 89:

“This chapter would not be complete without comment upon the dissipation of energy.  You have been told how to accumulate and increase your energy.  You should also know how to conserve it.  We all waste energy.  If we only consumed energy by work we would all be completely healthy and would actually be capable of many times the amount of work we presently do.  But we dissipate our precious energy in a thousand ways all unwise and most of them unnecessary.  Here are a few big energy-consumers to avoid — worry, fear, resentment (guilt, shame too) and hurry.  Each chews up large quantities of energy and I dare say you allow one or more emiotional parasites prey upon you.  Remember, everything you turn your attention to is the recipient of some of your energy.  You literally give it away.  Sometimes you get part or all of it back, as when you admire and rejoice in the beauty of a flower or a sunset.  Sometimes when you unselfishly care for another your dividends are greater than the energy you use.  But far more often you dissipate it unnecessarily through your eyes and other senses.  You look here or there sometimes out of curiosity and sometimes just because your attention is captured or demanded, and each time you give away something of yourself.  Your eyes dissipate a grat deal of energy.  A realization of this by teachers of old led them to instruct their pupils to fasten their gaze upon the tip of their nose when attempting to meditate.  This has no value except to reduce the dissipation of the pupil’s energy and to help him keep his mind up on the seed thought.  Of course, in our present living conditions it is impossible not to look.  Usually our very lives depend upon this form of alertness.  But when you have been made aware of the potential energy waste you can reduce it enormously.  Think about this.  You can make yourself a much more powerful person just by effecting an economy in this one department.”


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