Primordial Liquid and Air

So, there is something in the air.  Something new – fresher than fresh.  There is something beyond precious that I have tasted in the rains this summer.

Can you feel it?  Do you sense and taste the purity?

I had a dream during a rainstorm this past Monday.  Amazing.  The storm was a thundering all around calling me, calling to me, calling me to get up and out of bed.  Calling me to come out and play.  It was the middle of the night – or so I thought – so I said no way.  I went back to sleep to dream.  The dream got me to get up and my front door was open.

I was told to look outside that there was a white fog and you could not see any distance.  Look outside.  Look outside and I did.  They were right, I could not see beyond the first tree and everything everywhere was white.  The grass had a white frost and every green leaf coated in white.  It was daytime and it was not cold.  Everything was covered in a white frost.  It was not cold.  It was beautiful.  Everything was coated in white – white frost and the air was white – white fog.

The storm was powerful special.  Next time, I will be sure to get up and go out into the storm a bit as I have for the storms this summer.  The storms this summer are amazing.  Such gifts happening after record heat.  The rain has been so refreshing.  The rain has felt so important that I have been sure to go out and allow the rain to soak me.

After the dream during the electric rain storm this week, I was moved and I got quiet.  I became still and I reached inside – moved inside my being.  This life spoke to me and what it told me stopped me in my tracks and brought me to my knees in awe and amazement.

Brother, sister, the ice caps are melting.  I live closer to the North Pole and I tell you this summer I have been tasting the waters melted.  These waters have been frozen for millenia or longer.  Frozen for thousand of years, these waters are freed in vapor that has moved out and down over the Pacific Ocean and then has swirled up and moved out over this continent and returned to this earth as rain.  Primordial rain.  Water so pure that we current humans have no concept or word for it.  Taste the rain these days.  Smell it.  Breathe it in.  It is precious.  Such a precious gift that is so ancient and so new.  Wow.  The purity is a gift from our Mother Earth and Father Sun.  This is a deal changer.  So unexpected and so powerful.  Purity released on a scale beyond measurement from water frozen in time before history.  Awesome.  Magical.  A gift.

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