2013 September

What a summer!  To England for a wedding.  Stonehenge.  Glastonbury (so very worthy) and Avebury too.  And then there was London and Bath too with lots of English countryside.   One day we started on a steam train and rode it along the Severn River.  Got a glimpse of Glastonbury Tor from a distance and then went to the Wookey Hole.  That’s why there is that picture below.  I swear we all entered Alice’s rabbit hole and came out the other side.  Wookey Hole is a really cool ancient Neolithic (?) cave at the base of a really tight box canyon.  Perfect spot for the cave man and woman.  Shelter, spring water and when man goes out – he brings the bacon directly to the home.  Mmmm.  England – a perfect holodeck journey like on Star Trek.  I sincerely believe that you experience what you are ready for in that magical space.  Monumentally wonderful.  Then July 29 planetary alignments, Lion’s Gate, Peace Portal.  Oh my.  Then abrupt job shift.  What next?  I surrender all fear, doubt and worry to be released and transformed into light.  I am slowing down, breathing in my environment, grateful for all and to all.   This is an excellent opportunity.  I can feel it.  In partnership with life, spirit, nature, the elements and all who serve the light I am.  I am in partnership with life, spirit, nature, the elements and all who serve the light. We communicate with the vibration of love.


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