Human – one voice in the chorus

Making a lot of connections lately.  The coolest part is asking a question inside and then receiving an answer.  I tell you it’s true – if something, some area around you gets your attention – follow through.  Picked up a book like that on Friday and three (3) key questions that I had been holding for many, many years are answered and done.   Wow.

So.  This morning, I remembered a play I saw in New York City on stage about making a live radio show.  Do not remember the name of the play – set in Ireland… What is important to me now is the setting of that stage.

A microphone in the center of the stage with a stand holding the script.  Along the side of the stage are about 6-7 chairs.

At any given moment during the course of moving the script – an actor or actors

get up

stand before the microphone

deliver their lines

sit down

wait until next turn

Today, I share an “A-Ha!!” moment.  This is a new level of energy pattern and process.

For months now, the flow of life moving through me has been whispering “Be still.”  “Stop.”  “Surrender.”  “Breathe.”

The human in me wants to add listen and that’s when the radio play memory came to the fore.

As a human being, we should relax quite a whole lot into what we experience for we are only playing a small part – like one of the actors in a radio play.  The rest of the time – which could be a lot – the requirement is to be still and quiet and, I think I can add the requirement is to listen and to observe.  Nature is our textbook.  What is happening now in your – this moment – is what is real.  Center yourself in your being.  Fill your heart with love and breathe in your environment.  When it is your turn, follow the promptings and step up.  You will know if you are still and alert to that still small voice inside.

So what is helpful to me in using the set on a stage for a radio play with a microphone in the center and a stand with the script with 6-7 seats on the side, also with scripts and stands.

As a human, I am part of the team of Nature and of Light.  Other members of the team life forms include:  two-legged, four-legged, winged ones, those with fins, the elements, the angels, the Devas.  There are always Devas present in all moments everywhere.  The elements take at least one seat on the stage.  Nature, all embodiments has a seat.  Angelic realm.  It seems like there is one open seat that is beyond my imagining – welcome to all who serve the Light.  And, let’s see, a seat shall always be reserved for Commander Ashtar and Ashtar Command.

Humans are part of an ensemble cast — this is not a one-man show – this is not a one life-form show.

Nature told me once “You create.  You vision.  We manifest.  We maintain the form and make all things so.”  It all starts to make more sense.  Humans are tasked with setting out the vision.  Then, we stop.  Sit down.  Take our place and watch as manifestation unfolds.  There is a relaxation here with the seating of this realization within my heart.  I am not alone.  I do not have to figure everything out down to the last detail nor do I have to do it all myself nor do I need a bunch of people around me or other humans to do stuff.  I hope to remember to always set an extra place at the table (or two – one invisible) every time we gather as humans for a meal or a conversation.   There is always room for those who serve the Light at my table.  We expand our horizons.  Peace, love and light to all this fine day.

“What is most important is invisible to the eye…”  from St. Antoine-Exupery’s The Little Prince.




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